Paymentsense integration is available with Autowork Online, enabling users to process chip-and-pin and contactless payments directly from their point of sale.

Not only can this speed up transactions, but it will also help garages eliminate time-consuming admin tasks and the likelihood of values being mistyped on a keypad.

Paymentsense machine

Save time

Eliminates the need to manually enter transaction amounts into a card machine.

Reduce keying errors

Prevent users from mistyping values into a keypad and recording transactions incorrectly.

Easy to use

Select the Paymentsense option from the ‘method of payment’ screen and follow the on-screen prompts.

Software integration

Paymentsense card payment functionality is integrated into Autowork Online software.

Card machines

Choose from a range of card machines – countertop (wired), portable (Bluetooth/WiFi) and mobile (GPRS).

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