Customer database

The customer database provides the facility to create and store data for customers. It enables name, address, phone number & email address details to be saved and searched upon. Furthermore, the customer database stores complete work histories that are automatically updated as work is completed. Postcode lookups facilitates rapid address entry.

mam software autowork online vehicle database

Vehicle database

Autowork Online’s vehicle database enables you to record a wide range of vehicle attributes. Data can be taken directly from the DVLA database using vehicle registration numbers and supplemented with important information such as service and MOT due dates, radio and immobiliser codes, and mileage. Vehicles can be assigned to and transferred between customers.

Parts database

The parts database enables parts data to be stored and retrieved for use in quotations, jobs and invoices. In addition to storing part numbers, descriptions, suppliers and prices, Autowork Online has the facility to allocate product group codes to product records for pricing, reporting and global amendments. The option of linking to your supplier database will enable live online lookups to their catalogue. Alternative parts may be defined by your supplier so that similar or replacement products can be offered in place of the original.

mam software autowork online product database
mam software autowork online autocat electronic catalogue

Autocat parts catalogue UPDATED

The Autocat electronic parts catalogue gives access to millions of manufacturers’ part numbers. It provides the facility to identify suitable component parts and include them in quotations, job cards and invoices. In v175, the catalogue has been enhanced to use new V8 data, boasting tighter matching, and clearer part listings. Please read the following document for more information.

Supplier database

The supplier database provides the facility to store data for suppliers. In addition to storing names, addresses and phone numbers, links to the parts database can be defined for ordering purposes.

mam software autowork online supplier database
mam software autowork online work descriptions

Work descriptions

Autowork Online provides the facility to create a series of codes that refer to the different work descriptions. These codes can be entered onto job cards and invoices for future analysis. Pre-set Additional Information codes can be setup in the system to cover any advisory notes.

Technicians database

The technicians database facility provides the ability to store the names and initials of all the mechanics for jobs and refer to these job cards.

mam software autowork online technicians database
mam software autowork online labour charges

Labour rates

Autowork Online offers the facility of assigning differing levels of labour charges per hour for inclusion on a quotation or invoice.

Consumables codes

Autowork Online includes a facility to generate an additional line on the invoice to include a charge to cover the cost of consumables and other miscellaneous materials used in completing a job.

mam software autowork online consumable parts

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