Autowork Online v173


In the new version of Autowork Online, several changes have been made to the layout of the main document screen. The aim of these changes is to streamline the workflow, leading to an easier to use, and more efficient software solution.

A number of new features have also been added in order to facilitate this, the largest change being the new job grouping feature: Job grouping in essence, replaces the old links for adding parts, labour, and other items to a document with a single button which achieves all of the above. The changes also result in a cleaner, easier to use interface.

Job groupings further enhance existing functionality by allowing the operator to group part and labour items together into a single job within the document. For example, you may have a job for changing a customer’s brake pads and discs; the job group would include the parts for the pads and discs, and the labour for fitting them.

As well as the new job grouping feature, there are also numerous other smaller changes: Users can now enter a service adviser in the documents tab, search an internal database of DTCs, book a vehicle in from the document tab, and view the status of all outstanding documents in the Work in Progress (WIP) tab.