Quote / estimate creation UPDATED

The Autowork Online workshop management system is able to create professional printed quotations or estimates for prospective customers. These can be created using customer details, menu pricing, labour, MOT, consumables, work descriptions, and parts elements and may be stored for future reference or retrieval. Any printable documentation can also be emailed to the customer. In Autowork Online version 173, the point of sale screen was redesigned completely, this was further enhanced in version 175.

MAM Software Autowork Online OEM supplier repair times

Repair times

Autowork Online includes a comprehensive repair times database featuring hundreds of common jobs. Both times and descriptions can be easily incorporated in job cards using any of the pre-defined labour rates.

Service schedules UPDATED

Autowork Online enables you to create job cards based on manufacturers’ recommended service schedules. Labour elements can be automatically added to a job card and a detailed or summary work sheet created. In version 175, the Service schedules feature has been updated, with several visual and workflow improvements designed to boost efficiency. The following document details these changes.

MAM Software Autowork Online service schedule screen
MAM Software Autowork online preset custom jobs

Custom jobs UPDATED

Custom jobs can be created to cover fixed-price services. They provide a quick and easy way to create estimates or job cards and can include work descriptions, labour and parts elements. In version 175, the feature has been updated to improve workflow, and a new Package jobs feature can be used to increase pricing flexibility.

Job card creation

Job cards may be created from a current or historic quotation. Upon doing so, all the customer details, product and price information will be transferred from the quotation and any additional details may be added and corrections made. Autowork Online will then down date all or some of the parts immediately, if required. Any parts not currently held in stock may be ordered directly from the relevant supplier. The job grouping feature allows parts and labour for a task to be grouped together, enhancing the readability of documents.

Invoice creation

Invoices can be created from a historic quotation or job card. An enquiry screen can be used to retrieve the quote or job card using the customer name, account number or other recorded information. Optionally, an invoice may be raised directly from the quote screen. Customer details, product and price information are all transferred from the quotation.

Workshop management diary

Autowork Online features a comprehensive diary for booking in jobs. A separate diary manages MOT bookings.
Diary days are colour coded so that, at a glance, you can see how many hours are booked in against the maximum available. Jobs booked into the diary are also colour coded to indicate whether or not parts have been ordered.

MAM Software autowork online workshop booking diary
MAM Software Autowork Online MOT booking diary

MOT diary

The MOT diary handles up to four MOT bays. The diary shows the available slots for each bay on any given day, along with the customer and vehicle details. Bookings can be easily added to the diary, moved or deleted as required.

Work in Progress tab

The Autowork Online Work in Progress (WIP) tab allows you to easily view information on currently outstanding jobs and invoices, allowing for enhanced workshop management. The documents are sorted into a set of customisable columns, one for each particular status, and the status of a job can quickly be changed by simply dragging and dropping it with your mouse. The WIP screen also offers selectable view templates, these are fully user-customisable, and can be used to set a selection of status codes specific to a particular job role.

Deferred work

Deferred work is an workshop management enhancement which allows operators to defer customers’ work rather than simply delete it. The data is logged, and can be easily reported on. The system also supports the sending of SMS or email reminders to remind customers of their deferred work, reducing lost sales. 

Technician efficiencies and costs

The technician efficiency and costs facility allows your technicians to log itemised timesheets for jobs. This data can then be reported on to monitor efficiencies and margins by technician, job, and task. The data can be used to identify and eliminate inefficient or unprofitable business practices.

MAM Software Autowork Online technician efficiency cost

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