Low startup costs

Autowork Online is powered by our state of the art cloud hosted system, meaning that there is no need to purchase or maintain expensive server hardware, helping to reduce upfront and ongoing costs. An affordable per-user monthly subscription pricing model also helps to spread costs. The subscription model used by Autowork Online also allows for a high level of flexibility, and it can easily be scaled to grow with your business by adding more users.

Easy access, no installation required

The Autowork Online system runs in your web browser, meaning that there is no software to install, and no complex or confusing configuration changes to make. Autowork Online can be accessed simply by navigating to the log in page in a compatible web browser and entering your details. Autowork Online also allows working offsite, as the system can be accessed from anywhere where there is a compatible computer and internet connection.

Fully managed system

The Autowork Online cloud-based server system is fully managed by our skilled team of engineers, who will ensure that critical system updates are installed when required. This ensures that your system will always be running the latest, most secure and stable versions of software, while leaving more time for you to take care of essential business tasks. Members of the Autowork Online Support team can also be contacted via phone or email to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Reduced downtime

Autowork Online’s cloud-based server infrastructure is highly resilient and stable thanks to multiple layers of redundancy. Potential points of failure are greatly reduced, resulting in less downtime, and higher levels of system performance and speed. We are currently working on a planned upgrade of the existing systems, this will add additional safeguards which will help to increase system performance, stability and up time even further.

Automatic backups

With Autowork Online, you will no longer need to worry about the security of your priceless business data. All data will be held securely in our state of the art datacentre, and a fully automated backup facility offers additional security and peace of mind. Storing data in the cloud in this way also helps to guard against potential loss of data caused by on-site issues such as fire and theft, helping get your business trading again as quickly as possible.

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