Service schedule screen changes

The Service Schedules screen has been updated to use new cleaner, easier to use layout. The changes are as follows:

The Service Schedule screen has been improved, allowing for easier viewing
  1. The Service Item Adjustments option has moved position
  2. Normal and Condition based service selection is now intuitive with tick boxes for multiple condition based services.
  3. The Additional Service Items section has been relocated to the top of the page and shows OE included tasks where appropriate
  4. Individual service tasks are now sorted ordered naturally, by vehicle area
  5. The Parts Required for the service are now listed at the bottom of the page and on the print

In addition to these visible changes, the screen has also been updated to use new time calculations, resulting in more accurate OE service times. Parts included in an OE service are also automatically checked.

Please note: Since the new Package Jobs feature was added, it is no longer possible to add a Job to an existing
Job Grouping by clicking the + button against the Job Grouping. This is because the Package job must be kept
on its own separate job group in order for the pricing to be correctly calculated.