Autowork Online v176


The latest version of the Autowork Online garage management system offers several enhancements designed to
improve workflow, increase efficiency, and improve customer service.

The MOT Diary screen has been completely overhauled: The schedule grid now fills the full width of the screen
for better visibility, MOT bookings are now linked to the relevant job card, and vehicles can be marked as “on
site” from the MOT Diary screen. MOT jobs can now have a status, allowing them to be flagged as a “pass” or
“fail”, allowing for improved visibility, and allowing this information to be easily relayed to the customer. It is now
also possible to create an MOT booking directly from the MOT Diary screen, simplifying workflow. A new feature
has been added that allows MOT jobs to be rescheduled on the grid, meaning that scheduling changes can
easily be made.

MOT Due Dates will be automatically added to any vehicle when available. The data is automatically retrieved
from the DVLA’s database. This results in improved data accuracy, allows MOTs to be upsold to customers who
call in with other enquiries, and helps to ensure that vehicles are not being driven without a valid MOT.
The VRM lookup feature has also been improved, and is now fully compatible with new electric powered


  • Smoother workflow – MOT Diary features a larger, clearer grid, and MOTs can be booked in directly
  • Improved rescheduleing – It’s now possible to swap two appointments in the grid
  • Easily see an MOT’s status – Statuses can be set against an MOT, and viewed in the document screen
  • Quickly open an MOT job from the grid by clicking on the job number
  • Boost profits – Automatic MOT due dates prompt where a customer can be sold an MOT
  • More accurate data – MOT due dates are automatically updated where required