Maintenance and repair information

Autowork Online’s optional technical repair data provides essential maintenance and repair information on cars and light commercial vehicles. The data is organised into eight main categories:

  • Adjustments section provides information on tolerances for brakes, steering, cooling systems, and more
  • Drawings category contains thousands of technical drawings covering all areas of the vehicle
  • Engine Locations section contains diagrams showing the placement of important engine components
  • EOBD Locations area shows information on the location of the vehicle’s EOBD port
  • Fuse Locations section illustrates the position of the vehicle’s fuse box, and the function of specific fuses
  • Lubricants area lists recommended lubricants and capacities
  • Management section features interactive guides to troubleshooting engine management faults
  • Procedures area lists guides on specific maintenance procedures, such as timing belt replacement
  • Wiring Diagrams sections includes a range of electrical schematics for the vehicle
MAM Software Autowork Online Garage management software technical data
MAM Software Autowork Online Garage management software wiring schematic diagram

Wiring diagrams

Autowork Online enhanced Tech Data features wiring diagrams for thousands of vehicles and engine management systems. Included are detailed schematics and interactive guides to troubleshooting common electrical and engine management faults.

Fuse locations

Enhanced Tech Data adds a fuse locations guide, detailing the location of fuse boxes, and the function and value of each individual fuse and relay. An interactive image is used to display the physical location and value in Amps of each individual fuse.

fusebox diagrams
MAM Software Autowork Online Garage management software technical drawing brake drum

Technical drawings

The feature includes thousands of technical drawings and exploded diagrams for important components and systems, including brakes, steering, suspension, and air conditioning. The drawings also include critical information such as recommended torque settings and capacities.

Recommended lubricants and coolants

Enhanced Tech Data features a list of supplier-recommended lubricants, coolants, hydraulic fluids, and refrigerants by application, including capacities.

MAM Software Autowork Online Garage management software lubricants and fluids
MAM Software Autowork Online Garage management software maintenance procedures

Adjustment and fitting procedures

Included with the feature are a wide array of adjustment specifications, including brake frictions material tolerances, optimal suspension settings, and recommended tyre pressures. The procedures sections includes a wide range of maintenance and fitting procedures, including timing belt and clutch renewal, key programming, and service interval resetting procedures.

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