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Remote training session

Need help getting the most out of  your Autowork Online system?

A personalised remote training session with one of our instructors is a cost-effective way of increasing your Autowork Online knowledge.

Our team can help you get to grips with the latest features and make sure you’re getting the best from your system.

  • Your business isn’t using features in the latest version of the software

  • You think your workflow could be improved

  • You’re using 3rd party software for tasks that your system can handle

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Suggested features

During your training session, we will cover a number of topics from areas including the workshop diary, ledgers and databases. The number of topics we can cover will depend on the size of the features you choose. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Customer, vehicle, supplier & parts databases

  • Electronic catalogue

  • Sales

  • EU tyre labelling

  • Additional information in the tyre sales module

  • Job management

  • Job group categorisation

  • Workshop & MOT diary

  • Repair & service times

  • Stocktaking

  • Suggested ordering

  • Online & offline ordering

  • Goods receiving

  • Supplier returns

  • Reminders

  • Automated SMS messaging

  • Emailing

  • Purchase ledger

  • Sales ledger

  • VAT accounting

  • Payment processing

  • Account enquiry

  • Warranty accounts

  • Fleet accounts

  • Estimate creation

  • Invoice creation

  • Suggested jobs

  • Complete price jobs

  • Reporting suite


What benefits do I get out of this?2020-04-22T21:37:37+01:00

The training session is designed to help you get the most out of your Autowork Online management system by identifying productivity and efficiency improvements.

What topics will be covered during the training session?2020-04-22T21:40:03+01:00

When booking your training session, we’ll ask you to choose the features that you would like to focus on. You can select from a range of features including the workshop diary, ledgers and databases. The number of topics we can cover during your visit will depend on the size of the features you choose.

How much will the training session cost?2020-04-22T21:40:39+01:00

The cost for the training session is £75.

How do I book a training session?2020-04-22T21:42:22+01:00

To complete the form click here, and let us know which areas of Autowork Online you would like to focus on. We’ll then contact you to arrange your training session.

How will the training session be carried out?2020-04-22T21:43:10+01:00

On the day, one of our instructors will remotely dial into the main PC that you use to access Autowork Online. They will then give you a live demonstration of the features specified in your form. When it’s time for hands-on experience, the instructor will let you take the reins so that you can practice what you have learned.

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