There’s not long to go before TeamView, our new paperless job card and technicians’ tracking add-on, will be available for Autowork Online users. Ahead of its release, we caught up with lead product owner Chris Daniel to find out more about the module and the benefits it will bring to our garage management software users.

What makes TeamView different?2020-01-24T13:28:47+01:00

“We’ve been wanting to release a paperless job card for some time, along with the ability to track time spent on jobs and report on efficiency and productivity. 

“However, it’s the workshop manager screen that makes our solution unique. Not only does it allow managers to assign and prioritise jobs for each technician, but also provides real time updates on job status and progress with customisable alerts when jobs are running late.”

What else can it do?2020-01-24T13:29:12+01:00

“We’ve been working closely with a number of customers to create the right functionality and have already incorporated a lot of their suggestions. This includes the ability for the technician to mark which parts have been fitted, record oil type and capacity, mileage and wheel nut locations from the app. Planned time can also be set independently from the sold time, tasks split between technicians, and progress bars changed between time spent or time left.”

How much will it cost?2020-01-24T13:29:38+01:00

“Pricing will start at just £25 a month, with a Pro version for larger garages at £50 per month.

“We believe the value of TeamView far outweighs its cost. We see these tools becoming essential in the modern automotive repair sector, so we wanted to make them accessible garages of all sizes by keeping the cost low, with no setup or upfront charges.”

Will TeamView be difficult to use?2020-01-24T13:30:23+01:00

“Not at all. We know garages are busy places with enough new technologies to keep up to date with, and we didn’t want to add to this. We particularly wanted to avoid putting anything between the technicians and their normal workload, so we’ve spent a lot of time making TeamView processes as intuitive as possible. 

“Being fully integrated, jobs due in will automatically appear on the manger view and are simply dragged between technicians and into priority order. Technicians can view all the jobs and vehicle details assigned to them and simply tap a start button when ready. Time on jobs and other tasks is then automatically logged for reporting.”

Why is labour tracking so important?2020-01-24T13:03:29+01:00

“With parts margins being squeezed all the time, labour sales are more important than ever to a profitable business. But how do you know if you are selling enough time for your estimates? Are you charging enough per hour to cover your overheads? And what else are valuable technician hours being spent on that isn’t being accounted for? TeamView can help a business keep on top of this by creating efficiency, utilisation and labour rate recovery reports.”

What’s next for TeamView?2020-01-24T13:04:09+01:00

“This is just the start. We’ll be enriching the mobile app with extra functionality throughout 2020. Top of the list is the ability to quickly add parts and sundries to a job, which will help track the true cost of where those extra bits and pieces go. We’ll also be adding an upgraded electronic Vehicle Health Check with images and video; this will replace the CarSide app and bring everything into a single application.  

“In the future, we’ll bring the integrated technical data into the app, so technicians can access all the vehicle data they need directly from the job card.”

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