Autowork Online v175


In the new version of Autowork Online, several changes have been made to the way that the catalogue module matches and displays parts. The catalogue now uses improved Autocat version 8 data, which boasts tighter part to vehicle matching, and improved data compression. This results in fewer parts being returned, making the system more efficient.

Fleet account support has been completely overhauled, and is now far more advanced, allowing a customer account to be flagged as a “fleet account provider”. All customers flagged as such can be selected in a Fleet Account dropdown menu against other accounts. This simplifies the process, and reduces the room for error.

A new feature for Warranty Accounts has also been added, this means that a customer account can be flagged as a “warranty provider”, this will then be selectable in a similar way to the Fleet Account, to show that a customer’s warranty is provided by a particular account.

Further changes to the Document screen have also been made: It is now possible to move and scale all screen elements, not just the ones on the right hand side. The coding for the screen has also been revamped, and now requires fewer refreshes, making the user experience slicker and more efficient.

The integrated OE Service Schedules screen has also been reworked, making the feature clearer and easier to use. Optional service tasks are now clearly shown at the top of the list, with OE recommendations automatically ticked, and a new Parts Required section lists all the parts needed for the service before opening the catalogue.

The Custom Jobs Maintenance screen has been restyled, and several additional features have been added: It is now possible to categorise jobs, and a new Package Jobs feature has been added. Package Jobs allow you to predefine a minimum Service From* selling price for the package, which is maintained until the selling price of the parts exceeds the minimum price.

In addition to the above changes, numerous smaller changes have been made: Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) can now be printed on quotes and jobs, and Keytags can now be 10 characters long (rather than 4).