Autowork Online can send customer reminders via email or SMS or export mailing lists for mail merging with a word processor. Reminders can be created for any activity including MOTs, servicing due dates, seasonal checks or promotions. The reminders facility also integrates with the deferred work feature, allowing reminders of deferred work to be sent to customers.

MAM Software Autowork Online SMS reminder screen

SMS messaging

The SMS module allows you to contact your customers by text message. Messages can be sent from a list of previously defined templates or created ad-hoc. They can include a range of merge fields including contact and vehicle details.


Autowork Online can email a variety of documents directly to your customers or suppliers including quotes, invoices and purchase orders. Emails are sent using addresses taken directly from the database and can include pre-defined text appropriate to the document being sent.

MAM Software Autowork Online emailed reminders


Autowork Online’s reporting facilities are designed to help you run your business more efficiently by providing you with vital management information in a format that can be easily understood. Reports can be exported to CSV or displayed on screen.


Autowork Online uses colourful pie charts and graphs to condense and analyse data to visually indicate trends. The reports can be used to highlight the areas of your business that are the least profitable, allowing you to act accordingly.

MAM software autowork online customer ranking chart

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