Using the CarSide emailing improvements

Vehicle inspection images and notes captured in the CarSide app, can now be emailed to the customer via the main Autowork Online application.

It is now possible to email images from eVHC tests or Damage Inspections, this can be done as follows:

A. From the CarSide menu (A1), select either the eVHC Enquiry (A2), or Damage Inspection (A3) options.

B. Set the required filters (B1) if required (all items will be shown otherwise), and then click the View (magnifying glass) button (B2) against the document you would like to email.

C. Optional: click the Edit Message button, and then change the message text in the popup. This text will appear in the body of the sent email.

D. Optional: check the boxes (D) against any images you would like to include. These images will be sent as email attachments.

E. Check that the email address is correct. By default, the on-file address for the customer will be displayed.

F. Click the Email button to send the email.

It is recommended that price adjustment lines are set to use a specific nominal code for reporting and export purposes. This can be configured as follows:

A. From the Database menu (A1), select the User Options option (A2).

B. Click the Default Nominal Codes link.

C. Select the required nominal code from the Price Adjustment Line dropdown menu.

D. Click the Update button.