Enhanced parts catalogue

In v175, the Autocat electronic parts catalogue has been enhanced to use new version 8 data. This offers several important benefits:

Version 8 catalogue data

The new Autocat v8 data standard helps manufacturers accurately match their parts to vehicles. Where they have one this, the matched parts will be highlighted and the number of choices will be reduced.

Autocat v8 data results in tighter part to vehicle matching

Enhanced date range compression

A new compression feature means that the number of times a duplicate part will show when it has been matched against multiple date ranges will be reduced. This is carried out server-side, so also improves the speed of lookups, as less data is transmitted.

The Autowork Online catalogue displays fewer duplicate parts

Improved part sorting

Parts are now sorted by supplier, followed by Description, then position. This is particularly beneficial for lookups on items like filters, where several different parts (i.e. cabin filters and oil filters) appear on the same lookup. For example, all the air filters supplied my Mann will show together.

Filtering has been improved in the latest version of the Autowork Online catalogue