Document screen changes

Movable panels

Following on from the changes that were made in the v173 update, it is now possible to move every element on the Document screen (except for the parts grid). This is done via the following process:

Click and drag boxes to move or resize them

Locking the panels

It is also possible to lock the panels into their new arrangement, preventing users from moving them by accident. This is done by clicking the Lock button (C) at the top of the side bar. Clicking the button again will unlock the panels.

Click the padlock button

Restoring the default layout

If you would like to restore the default layout for the sidebar panels, simply click the Reset button (D), and then agree to the prompt.

Click the reset button

Customer contact details

Links for quickly entering or updating the customer contact details have been added to the Document screen, these allow the Phone and Email details to be updated directly. If you do not have a mobile number or email address for the current customer, these will be highlighted in red.

Phone numbers and email addresses can be updated directly from the Document tab