What is TeamView?

TeamView is our paperless job card and technicians’ activity add-on for Autowork Online, which provides real-time communication between work that is being undertaken and scheduled jobs.

The solution features a mobile/paperless job card for technicians that can be used on most phones, tablets or PCs, as well as a workshop manager screen for office use.

TeamView Mobile/paperless job card

Who is it for?

TeamView is designed to benefit garages of all sizes, from workshops with just a few technicians to those with several.

How much will it cost?

Pricing for TeamView starts from as little as £25*, with a Pro version for larger garages coming soon.

*includes four technician log-ins

What’s next for TeamView?

We will be enriching the app with extra functionality throughout 2020. This will include the ability to add parts and sundries to a job, helping garages track the true cost of carrying out extra tasks. We’ll also be adding an upgraded electronic Vehicle Health Check, which will include images and video, and ultimately replace our existing CarSide application.

In the future, we will bring integrated technical data into the app, enabling technicians to access all the vehicle data they need directly from a job card.

Key features

Workshop manager screen

  • Drag and drop work assignment
  • Technician job order prioritisation
  • Real-time status updates
  • At-a-glance assessment of workshop status
  • Due out and clocked time based alerts

Mobile/paperless job card

  • View full job card details
  • View vehicle details
  • Record mileage and tyre details
  • Real-time job clocking
  • Update job status
  • Indicate which parts have been fitted
  • Record technicians notes and advice


  • Reporting for utilisation, productivity and efficiency
  • Calculate labour recovery rates
  • Review and edit clocking records
TeamView Workshop manager screen

TeamView User Guide

In this series of videos, discover the core functionality of TeamView, our new paperless job card and technicians’ activity module for Autowork Online. These tutorial videos will show you how to perform key tasks that will help improve efficiency throughout your garage or workshop.


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