Fleet accounts

In Autowork Online version 175, the way that fleet accounts work has also been improved. Rather than being able to specify any customer as the fleet owner, specific customer accounts must be flagged as a “fleet owner” in order to select them. The improved Fleet Accounts feature has a cleaner clearer workflow, and the potential room for error is reduced, as it is only possible to select accounts that have been flagged as fleet accounts.

Information on the fleet account assigned to a customer can also be viewed from the top of the Document tab when making a sale, allowing the information to be viewed and amended easily. Various pieces of additional information can also be added in relation to the fleet account and customer, including a Customer Code and Vehicle ID used by the fleet owner, and an Authorisation Status, Reference, and Value for the fleet work. This information can easily be viewed and amended on the fly when a transaction is being entered.

Please refer to the following user guide, or watch the video below for more information on how to use the Fleet Accounts feature.