Warranty accounts

In version 175 of Autowork Online, a completely new Warranty Accounts feature has been added to the system, this is designed to help simplify the workflow for creating jobs for warranty work. In the same way as setting a customer account as a fleet owner, you can now set a customer as a Warranty Provider. You can then flag a job as a ‘Warranty’ repair and select the provider. Warranty Accounts allow for a transaction to be flagged as being paid in part or in full by a third-party.

It is possible to flag a transaction as being paid by a Warranty Provider, or view the status of a warranty job directly from the Document tab. The Warranty Account feature allow for a range of information related to the warranty claim to be recorded on the fly as the sale is being made. Fields are included to record document and reference numbers provided by the Warranty Provider, as well as the warranty claim status.

When the transaction is ready to be invoice, Autowork Online will automatically display the Split Invoice screen. From here, two invoices will be generated, one for the customer, and another for the Warranty Provider. The process of deciding exactly how the costs will be split is greatly simplified, each line can be included onto the Warranty Provider’s invoice using a simple set of checkboxes, with extra options to include or exclude VAT. Further options allow an customer excess or contribution to the costs to be specified. This procedure makes for a smoother, more simple workflow, with less room for error.

Take a look at the following guide for more information on how Warranty accounts work and how they can be configured, or watch the video below for a full guide on using the new feature.