What is Origin GarageWeb?

Origin GarageWeb is a brochure website package designed specifically for the garage sector. GarageWeb is available in a range of mobile-compatible designs, and allows colour customisation to match your brand. Optional integration with Autowork Online allows customers to check MOT workshop availability, and book their MOT appointment online.

GarageWeb is compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, smartphones, and tablets
A man views the Origin GarageWeb page on a desktop PC

Flexible design options

GarageWeb provides a high degree of flexibility that allows the site to be tailored to match your own brand identity. The package offers a selection of different layout templates that can be customised to suit your preferred colour scheme. You can modify the layout further by adding your company logo, including a background image, and displaying your own banner adverts.

User-friendly CMS admin area

GarageWeb features a comprehensive admin management dashboard, allowing you to easily manage your website’s live pages. It’s also possible to create and manage multiple navigation menus, including dropdown, sub-menus.

GarageWeb features a fully featured CMS
GarageWeb's easy to use editor allows the creation of static pages

Easy to use static page editor

With this page editing feature, you can upload text and images to create pages on your website. This could be a page to promote a new service your business is offering, or something as simple as your site’s opening times.

File manager

Working in conjunction with the static page editor, the file manager option allows you to upload files to your website. These files could be text, images, or promotional banners to feature on your webpages. All the files you upload will be saved onto your server, so they will be readily available should you need to use them again.

Easily manage your files
GarageWeb is compatible with tablets and smartphones

Mobile-friendly website

Your GarageWeb site will be fully compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and is also fully responsive to the viewer’s screen resolution.

Online Booking

Online Booking is a new module designed to be integrated into garage websites, allowing motorists to book MOTs online. MOT classes, pricing, and available times are controlled through Autowork Online and updated in real time on the website.
Online bookings automatically update in the Autowork Online MOT diary, creating job cards with all the relevant details. Changes to availability made in Autowork Online are reflected on the website, allowing garages to manage all of their MOT appointments in one place, with no re-keying or scheduling conflicts.
The Online Booking module can also be integrated into your existing website, please view it’s dedicated page for further information.

A range of different MOT classes can be selected
The VRM lookup feature allows customers to easily find their vehicle

VRM lookup feature

Integrated with the Online Booking feature, the VRM lookup facility allows a customer to enter their vehicle’s registration number, with the system automatically retrieving the information on their vehicle, such as Make and Model. manual entry is also possible for cases such as imported vehicles.

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